Happy B-Day, Ruby!!! 🎂

Yesterday was Ruby’s birthday sleepover, and I LOVED spending time with her on her special day. Here are some fun pics from that day:

 We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs (thanks, Mr. Josh and Mrs. Kristy!!!) when we woke up.

Our deeelicious ice cream sundaes

Bible study in the morning



Thanks for a great party, Dorminys! Ruby, have a GREAT birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂


Fall Soccer Season!


  Wow, Upward soccer season flew by! Ella’s team, Sporting Upward, won nearly all of their games. I enjoyed watching her rock the field.  

 Practice with Coach Marc 

 Ella being silly with her water bottle 

 After practice

  This year, my mom and dad traveled to France on a mission trip. They saw many famous buildings and structures: 
…and some great food, too! 


They delivered flyers around Vitrè,


had a men’s breakfast,


and hosted a Bible study.


Thanksgiving With the Fam


This Thanksgiving, we all drove to my aunt Mel’s house to have dinner.


We all stuffed ourselves with turkey, ham, sweet potato souflée, pie, fruit salsa and much more.

Ella, my mom and I baked an apple pie the day before, which was fantabulous.

 After dinner, we trooped into the living room to play a game called guess the elf. Each adult had an stuffed elf behind their backs, and we had to ask questions about their personality to find out who’s elf it was. So fun!
Thank you, Aunt Mel, for an amazing dinner!

Tree Lighting!


We had a lot of fun decorating the tree this year. What’s not to love about Charlie Brown Christmas, ornaments, and lights? Our entire family is pumped up for Jesus’ birthday!  
 Mom and Dad don’t need the mistletoe to do this!

  All of us took turns putting the star on top of the tree, even Luke. Afterwards, he said “again, again!” So funny!  
   Sweet boys!


IMG_2387When we arrived in Chicago, everyone was pooped, especially Luke. In the pic above, we are hopping on the elevator to get to the “L” stop.IMG_2389                                                                        Although it was rainy and overcast, we had a nice walk to our hotel, the Hilton.

IMG_2203After dropping our bags off at the hotel and gorging on pizza (some of us hadn’t had breakfast), we decided to walk to the mall. Above is Ella and I at the AG Megastore showing off the newest doll, Maryellen.

IMG_2393Others weren’t so big on AG, so our dad and brothers trooped to the Lego store.

IMG_2206 IMG_2205 IMG_2211Above left: Us on television! Above right: Maryellen and book. (Josefina photobombed!)  Bottom left: Us having a chat at Grace’s Pâtisserîe!

More pics coming soon about the trip!